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At BEN MAA TECH, we have set ourselves the goal of establishing innovative connectivity solutions in the African and Arab world. As a new company founded by Moroccan expats, we are proud to exclusively collaborate with GRMN by GERMAN TECH, a European smart-connectivity company with an impressive track record of providing state-of-the-art connectivity solutions for renowned venues worldwide.

Our focus is on offering companies ultra-fast and secure infrastructures, as well as measurable ROI solutions. We want to apply our expertise in Morocco and offer our partners and customers the advantage of advanced solutions. We are also committed to social and politically valuable projects to build a stronger and fairer community.

As experienced professionals in the telecommunications industry, we strive to continuously innovate and improve our services to meet the needs of our customers. Our expertise has already led to successful consulting for events such as the Munich Security Conference, the city of Hamburg, the LANXESS Arena, one of Europe's largest retailers with over 1000 locations, and various major events.

We are convinced that our innovative connectivity solutions can also be of great benefit to companies, institutes, and government facilities in Morocco. Moreover, we are motivated to strengthen the tourism sector in Morocco through our sustainability initiatives and contribute to building a stronger and fairer community.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our services to you and show how we can help you achieve your goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Sincerely,The team at BEN MAA Tech


BEN MAA TECH offers innovative and high-quality connectivity solutions for businesses, institutions, and government facilities in Morocco.


Their services include:

  • Ultra-fast and secure infrastructures:

    BEN MAA TECH provides high-speed and secure connectivity solutions for businesses and organizations that require reliable connectivity.

  • BEN MAA TECH offers connectivity solutions with clear and measurable performance indicators, allowing businesses to track their return on investment.

  • BEN MAA TECH provides consulting services to help businesses determine their connectivity needs and implement suitable solutions.

  • BEN MAA TECH provides connectivity solutions for large-scale events such as conferences, exhibitions, and festivals.

  • BEN MAA TECH is committed to sustainability initiatives to strengthen the tourism sector in Morocco, such as promoting responsible tourism and protecting the environment.

BEN MAA TECH is a telecommunications company specializing in smart connectivity solutions, providing high-quality services for businesses, institutions, and government facilities in Morocco.

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Words from Leaders

Two remarkable individuals have dedicated their lives to entrepreneurship and innovation providing super fast connectivity to the people. They are the founders of BEN MAA TECH, and their passion for their work has led them to create an exceptional organization that will transform the digital industry in Morocco and entire Africa.



Oualid Bensalah is a highly qualified expert in digital marketing and the digital realm in general. He graduated from one of Europe's top digital schools, the Institute of Internet and Multimedia at Pôle Léonard de Vinci.He has gained valuable experience working in the web marketing team of Boulanger, a leading multimedia and home appliances retailer in France, as well as in the digital marketing team of Aldi, a leading German retailer.


Oualid's ambition and dedication to his projects are noteworthy, as evidenced by his decision to join forces with Karim Maataoui to establish BEN MAA TECH in Morocco. This initiative aims to share their expertise in digital and AI with Morocco and Africa, demonstrating Oualid's commitment to making a positive impact.


In summary, Oualid Bensalah is a highly skilled professional who is passionate about digital marketing and new technologies. His commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and his entrepreneurial spirit make him an exciting and attractive candidate for any organization looking to stay ahead in the digital age.



Karim Maataoui is a digital communications and marketing expert with nearly a decade of experience in the information technology industry.
He is the founder of FREE MEE,a company that has quickly become a global leader in the advertising technology and high-density Wi-Fi sector, revolutionizing the way businesses communicate and interact with their customers.


Before founding FREE MEE, Karim held the position of Head of Social Strategy and Digital Intelligence at Maserati, where he led the company's digital transformation efforts. Karim possesses a deep understanding of digital communications and marketing, making him a sought-after speaker for digital leadership. He is a visionary leader in the IT sector, with a commitment to digital innovation. Karim continues to make waves in the IT industry as CEO of GRMN, GRMN INVEST, and Connect, which provide the technology behind FREE MEE and ZEERO+'s flagship products.

He led a remote partnership and joint venture with BEN MAA TECH, a Moroccan IT company he co-founded with Oualid Bensalah, to expand his cutting-edge technology and conquer the African market.


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